History of the Marrette® Brand

The brandname Marrette® and wire connectors have been interchangeable since Bill Marr revolutionized the way conductors were connected with the invention of the first pressure-type wire connector in 1914. Today, Marrette® wire connectors are still an industry standard and are still proudly designed and manufactured in Canada by

Marette 855 picture

The Marrette® 833® is an outstanding wire connector with an ergonomic wing design which can take a wide range of wire combinations ranging from #22 to #8 AWG.

External Cap

  • Ergonomic wing design gives you a comfortable grip and more torque than the competition. The ergonomic shape reduces finger fatigue from repetitive installations.
  • The ergonomic wing shape allows excellent torque grip for your fingers as well as the option to use a standard 1/2 in. or 13 mm hex driver to help twist the Marrette®.
  • Made of tough durable polypropylene and 105°C (221°F) rated to withstand high installation pressures.
  • Deep, wide throat ensures full insulation coverage.

Inner Spring

Exclusive Live Action® variable volume spring expands to accommodate even more wires with less twisting effort, compared to other wide range wire connectors.

  • Range: #22 to #8 AWG, with no pre-twisting.
  • The square wire spring construction and funnel design give a positive pressure conductor grip for solid or stranded wires.
  • Approved for circuits up to 600 V and lighting fixtures and signs up to 1000 V.
  • For copper conductor only.
  • Convenient packaging - sized right and job-site ready!

Wire Connector Family

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ABB offers a variety of wire connectors to meet a wide range of applications. Whether it is a high-temperature or a high-vibration environment, whether for aluminum, copper or communication conductors, ABB has the Marrette® wire connector you need. To learn more about the Marrette® product family, click on the links below.