Did you say LIGHT ?
Did you say LIGHT ?
Did you say LIGHT ?


Purchase Marrette® 933TM PRO-BLUTM wire connectors and receive useful tools to light up your work environment while taking advantage of all the benefits of our connector: easy and fast to install, ergonomic, excellent conductivity and much more!

Starting September 15, 2022.
Offer valid while supplies last.
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933BAR | 25,000 units
Get 4 safety glasses with integrated LED lights and 3 headlights
933BK | 10,000 units
Get 2 safety glasses with integrated LED lights and 1 headlight
Buy a JAR
933-JAR1000 | 1,000 units
Get a pen size flashlight
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History of the Marrette® Brand

The brandname Marrette and wire connectors have been interchangeable since Bill Marr revolutionized the way conductors were connected with the invention of the first pressure-type wire connector in 1914. Today, Marrette® wire connectors are still an industry standard and are still proudly designed and manufactured in Canada by ABB.


PRO-BLUTM Wire Connector

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the new PRO-BLU 933TM wire connector was developed with the installer’s needs in mind. With an ergonomic design and a wide range of approved wire combinations, this wire connector is a perfect fit for the majority of residential and commercial applications.

External Cap

  • Ergonomic wing design makes installation easy and painless, even when installing multiple wire connectors
  • Posi-GripTM surface provides superior twisting power, even when hands are greasy or damp.
  • Finger-friendly plastic for an even more comfortable grip
  • Rounded edge for safe and comfortable installation
  • Made of durable polypropylene resistant to temperatures up to 125°C (257°F)
  • Deep, wide throat ensures full insulation coverage.

Inner Spring

  • Live Action® variable volume spring expands to accommodate even more wires with less twisting effort.
  • Wide range of wire combinations: #22 to #8 AWG, solid or stranded, no pre-twisting required
    See approved wire combinations chart
  • The square wire spring construction and funnel design gives a positive pressure conductor grip for solid or stranded wires.
  • Approved for circuits up to 600 V and lighting fixtures and signs up to 1000 V
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Wire Connector Family

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ABB offers a variety of wire connectors to meet a wide range of applications. Whether it is a high-temperature or a high-vibration environment, whether for aluminum, copper or communication conductors, ABB has the Marrette® wire connector you need. To learn more about the Marrette® product family, click on the links below.